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Changing session date/time without changing it on the server

How could I change the session date/time without changing server date/time?

I'm unsure why you would want to do this. The date and time is what it is. In five minutes, the date and time will just be five minutes greater. I can't change this no more than any of us can start and stop time. The server's, and therefore the session's, date and time should reflect this, the current date and time. And you can't change this.

If the session is in a different time zone, you can change the session's time zone so that it accurately reflects the difference between the server's time zone and the user's time zone. More information can be found in the Oracle 9i Globalization Support Guide.

If I did not answer your question, please be more specific in what you are trying to accomplish and I can point you in the proper direction.

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