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Changing an ID field from numeric to character

What risks, if any, are there in changing smallint to varchar or text? A user wants to begin using alpha characters in an ID field which is currently smallint.

There shouldn't be a problem. Because it's an ID field, you're not going to be doing any arithmetic on its values. The only things to watch out for are:

  1. Change all related tables at the same time. As an ID field, it's probably a primary key, so all the foreign keys that reference it should change too.

  2. Change how new values are generated. This may sound obvious, but if it's an IDENTITY or AUTONUMBER field, it'll stop working, and you have to change the queries that insert new rows to the table.

Performance might be slower on extremely large tables, because indexes are generally faster on integers than on strings -- but since it's a smallint, your table cannot be larger than a few thousand rows, which is a long, long way from being extremely large. You probably won't notice the difference in performance.

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