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Change the DBID using NID

We need to change the DBID using NID. To do this the database can not be open. We startup mount and find that the database is open. What could be causing this condition? Startup NOmount also opens the database. This is Oracle EE on Solaris 2.8.
If you perform SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE followed by STARTUP MOUNT, then your database will not be OPEN. This can be verified by querying V$INSTANCE. When I perform these operations on Oracle on Sun Solaris, I get the following:

SQL> shutdown immediate
Database closed.
Database dismounted.
SQL> startup mount
ORACLE instance started.
Database mounted.
SQL> select status from v$instance; STATUS

If you perform the same operations and the query from V$INSTANCE is reporting OPEN, then there must be some other process that is opening the database. Is it possible that you have a cron or OEM job that does something to this affect?

This was last published in April 2005

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