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Challenges with hardware/OS upgrade

We have two IBM servers, one hosting 10 Oracle databases and one with Oracle AS. We are planning an upgrade to IBM 57O servers with AIX 5.3. What are the challenges I can expect?

I will briefly define our setup first. We have two IBM P Series 660H servers, one hosting 10 Oracle databases (with dbf files on a RAID box) and the other having Oracle AS. We are going for a hardware/OS upgrade to IBM 57O servers with AIX 5.3, and we intend to plug our existing RAID box as it is to the new servers after installing Oracle to replicate the same setup on the new servers. What are the things/challenges I should be looking out for?
If you are moving over the Oracle software, you should relink it and review the make.log file to ensure there are no problems. The other option is to perform a fresh installation of the Oracle binaries on the new server. In any case, you should be able to move over the disk containing the Oracle databases themselves with no issues. If the hostname and/or IP address of these servers will change, there will be other configuration changes you must make such as updating tnsnames.ora (if used). Oracle AS may also require additional configuration changes.

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