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Certification advice for a student

I want to know where to start when it comes to certification on database, or any certification. Right now I am in college studying information systems. Please let me know the type of certification that will be good for my major. I really need your advice becasue right now I am in my sophomore year, and I am thinking of preparing ahead for a certification before my senior year. Thanks.

As a student, certification likely won't help you much until you get some actual experience to go along with it. Certification is most valuable as a verification of knowledge gained through experience and not so much if is achieved simply by "studying for the test".

If you really want to pursue certification anyway at this time, remember that Oracle certification requires that you attend an Oracle approved training course as part of your certification requirement. Other certifications, such as Microsoft's MCDBA for SQL Server, do not have this requirement at the present that I know of.

There are many good study guides and sample practice exams that a quick internet search should locate for you. Good luck!

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