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Capturing the creation scripts in 9.2

Is there any way to capture the creation scripts used to create one of the databases in the Oracle 9.2 install? I don't want a database in production without the scripts that created it. I did a test install and cannot find anything but the output of the scripts, not the scripts themselves.

Keeping the creation scripts is always a good idea. When you install Oracle, do not just let it install the starter database. Instead, invoke the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA). The DBCA has an option to store the creation scripts in a number of files. This way, you will have the creation scripts that the DBCA actually runs for you.

If you already have the database created, then you can still get these scripts. Just search the Web for "reverse engineer Oracle" and you will get a lot of hits for scripts which will reverse engineer, or create the DDL statements to create many objects, including the database, tablespaces, tables, indexes, etc. There are tools on the market, like Toad, which also have this capability. In the end, they are just querying the data dictionary to recreate these DDL statements. You can do the same.

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