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Cannot create services in Oracle 9i

I am trying to create a database manually in Oracle 9i. I successfully created a password file but am unable to create services.

I am trying to create a database manually in Oracle 9i. I successfully created a password file but am unable to create services. This is the command I used on DOS prompt C:>oradim -new -sid.db6 -intpwd d:\oracle\ora92\database\pwddb6.ora -startmode a -pfile d:\oracle\admin\db6\pfile\init.ora. The following error occurs: "DIM-00035: You have entered and invalid option for the -EDIT command."

The syntax for creating a new service with oradim is as follows: oradim -NEW -SID SID | -SRVC service_name [INTPWD...

password][-MAXUSERS number][-STARTMODE auto | manual][-PFILE filename] [-TIMEOUT secs] where:

  • NEW indicates that you are creating a new instance. This is a mandatory parameter.
  • SID SID is the name of the instance to create. You must specify either this parameter or parameter -SRVC.
  • SRVC service_name is the name of the service to create (OracleServiceSID). You must specify either this parameter or parameter -SID.
  • INTPWD password is the password for the new instance. This is the password for the user logged in with SYSDBA privileges. Option -INTPWD is not required. If you do not specify it, then operating system authentication is used, and no password is required.
  • MAXUSERS number is the number of users defined in the password file. The default is 5.
  • STARTMODE auto, manual indicates whether to start the instance automatically or manually at startup. Default is manual.
  • PFILE filename is the initialization parameter file to be used with this instance. Ensure that you specify the complete path name of this file, including drive letter.
  • TIMEOUT secs sets the maximum time to wait (in seconds) before the service for a particular SID stops.

To create an instance called PROD, for example, you might enter:
C:\> oradim -NEW -SID prod -INTPWD mypassword1 -STARTMODE auto -PFILE

This information is readily available from the Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2) Database Administrator's Guide for Windows.

From reviewing your example, I noticed that you have a period (".") between –sid and db6. The oradim command will not like this so remove this from the command. Also, startmode cannot be "a" – it should either be auto or manual. After making these modifications, try creating the service again.

This was last published in May 2007

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