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Cannot create Oracle 8.0.5 database on Windows 2003

Is Oracle 8.0.5 compatible with the Windows 2003 platform running on HP DL 380 G5 5130 2G AP Server?

I am migrating our Oracle 8.0.5 database server from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 because the old server crashed. I've been trying to create a new database (Oracle 8.0.5 in Windows 2003 x86 platform) but it is always unsuccessful because the physical files were not created. It doesn't create the control file. Is Oracle 8.0.5 compatible with the Windows 2003 platform running on HP DL 380 G5 5130 2G AP Server?

Oracle 8.0.5 is not compatible with the Windows 2003 operating system. According to Oracle's Certification Matrix only Oracle 9.2 and newer releases are certified and supported on Windows 2003. I am not sure whether this problem you are encountering is because of this incompatibility, but I would definitely recommend going to a supported release of the Oracle database, preferably Oracle 10gR2. If the 8.0.5 database has been lost because the old server crashed, I would recommend installing Oracle 10gR2 for Windows 2003, create a new database and import your 8.0.5 database schemas into this new database (hopefully, you have a current export!).

Having said all this, ensure that the path specified for the control files in the init.ora file actually exists prior to attempting to create the database.

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