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Can you use ETL successfully as part of the process to migrate from OS/390 to Unix or NT?

Can you use ETL successfully as part of the process to migrate from OS/390 to Unix or NT?

The use of an ETL tool to migrate data from one server to another is always a great option. One of the many things that an ETL tool does well is that it allows you to join heterogeneous platforms and databases together to allow you to move information between all these platforms. So using an ETL tool would be very advantageous.

You should also consider if you plan to use the ETL tool for more than data migration. One should look at the overall use of a product and not just a single task. So when you evaluate tools, if you do not already have one in your organization consider all the possible uses for your ETL tool beyond your current task. Since you may find that a tool that is great a data migration, may not be the best tool for your data warehouse strategy. So purchase carefully.

As well you need to look at the required connectivity that you need to ensure that you are able to migrate data across. One thing you did not mention was your source and target databases, however with an ETL we don't need to know this to answer to question, since that is what ETL tools do well is connect many different source types.

Finally I feel that the real advantage of an ETL tool, is that the maintenance, testing, auditing and execution of ETL data migration routines has a lower cost of ownership compared to custom coding. So if you were to ask me, and you did, I would highly recommend looking at en ETL product to migrate your data.

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