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Can't open database after failed backup export

While taking a backup (export) I got an error like "There is not enough space in the output dumpfile specified location (E drive)." Now I can't start my database.

My OS is Windows NT with Oracle 10.2. Last Saturday while taking a backup (export) via TOAD I got an error like "There is not enough space in the output dumpfile specified location (E drive)." There is not enough space in the E: drive to take a full DB backup so my export session terminated. In that E: drive I have three datafiles. My problem is, since yesterday I can't start my database -- it gives an error like "Can't read datafile header 13 I/O datablock corruption error." The datafile which is in the E drive is corrupted.

My question is, did the export which I took last Saturday (with a failure) cause this? Please give me some suggestions. I am in a critical situation.

It is possible that the drive being full caused some sort of corruption to your database datafiles. At the time the file system reached 0 bytes free, Oracle may have been trying to write other information to the file header. If I had this issue, I would perform SHUTDOWN ABORT followed by STARTUP. If the database will not recover itself, then you may have to restore the database from a valid backup.

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