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Can't install Oracle 9i on a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition Server

I am trying to install Oracle 9i on a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition Server. When I execute setup.exe, nothing happens.

I am trying to install Oracle 9i on a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition Server (with SP1 installed). I am following the instructions on the release notes (Release 2 ( for Windows Server 2003 32-Bit). Step 1 calls to install Oracle 9i Database Release 2 ( for Windows. I ended up with three directories in the hard drive:

When I execute setup.exe, nothing happens (no window comes up). When I right-click on autorun.inf, and select install, I immediately get an "Installation Failed" message. I made sure and also tried:

  • I am an administrator of the server
  • ran setup.exe from the command prompt
  • ran setup.exe from install\win32 directory
  • have enough hard-drive space
  • copied the contents to a directory called D:\ORA.
Do you have any suggestions as to what could be going wrong? Thanks.
There has been a reported issue with launching the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) on Windows 2003. All requirements for the OUI are met, yet the Installer just hangs. This problem could be due to the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature setting in Windows 2003 which kills the OUI prematurely. The suggested solution is to disable ("AlwaysOff") the DEP feature and then try invoking the OUI. For additional information on DEP, check out this Microsoft Support KB article.

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