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Can't get Oracle Discoverer and Oracle Client to work at the same time

I've installed both Oracle Discoverer 4.1 and Oracle Client Whatever app I install first stops working after the other is installed. I have noticed that they both use the same reg settings within HKLMSoftwareOracle and that the later install overrides the settings for the first install. Is there a way of combining the two tnsnames.ora files or adding in a separate reg entry so that it will use both apps. I get errors ORA-12154 and ORA-12203.
On any host, you can set the TNS_ADMIN environment variable to the location of the directory containing the tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files. All Oracle client software on the system will then use the files in the directory you specify.

There's also a registry entry for TNS_ADMIN that you can make under HKLMSoftwareOracleHomeX (depending on which ORACLE_HOME you're trying to configure) that will work just the same as the environment variable.

See Metalink NOTE 111941.1 for more information.

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