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Can't connect to database over dial-up network

I have an Oracle 9i database running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I can connect to the database through the intranet without problems, but when I try to connect to the database through a dial-up network, I get the following error: "ora-12535 TNS: operation timed out." I tried to increase the time out by setting CONNECT_TIMEOUT_LISTENER to be zero in the listener.ora file, but it is still not allowing me to connect. I can telnet to the server on the default database port 1521, but when I try to access the database using SQL*Plus, I get the 12535 error. Would you so kindly advise what to do in this situation? Your help is much appreciated.
If you are able to telnet to port 1521 and you get connected (you don't mention what happens when you telnet), then it seems unlikely that you're facing a firewall issue. I would start with some SQL*Net client tracing to see what your client is attempting to do during the connect. You can enable that with TRACE_LEVEL_CLIENT=16 in your sqlnet.ora on the client system. Then reproduce the error again and review the resulting trace file (especially at the end) and see what the client was trying to do just before the error happened. There is information in the Oracle documentation for Oracle Net (or Net8 or SQL*Net, depending on what version you look at) about performing tracing along with other parameters you may wish to set.

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