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Can server be shared and dedicated at the same time?

Can the server be in both a dedicated and shared server session at the same time?

As a follow-up to the shared server session question, does this mean the server can be in both a dedicated and shared server session at the same time? Is there a way to connect to say it will be using a shared server session? Right now we're using database links and we can't use the 'PUBLIC SHARED' option because we're in dedicated server session and this will be in conflict with Oracle LDAP.

You can have both dedicated and shared server sessions at the same time in your Oracle instance. First, set up your listener to use shared server. Then, if you want your clients to connect using shared server, you'll want to add the following line:

To your TNSNAMES.ORA for that TNS alias. If your line reads:
then even if you have shared server set up, Oracle will still create a dedicated connection for you.

More information can be found in the Oracle docs, particularly the following:

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