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Can log in to SYSTEM without password

Sometimes it happens that I can login to SYSTEM as SYSDBA without any password, but I know our DBA set the password for SYSTEM account, but I can log in using any string as the password. What is the problem? My OS is WinXP, and I am not a member of ORA_DBA.

Nope, you can't login using "system as sysdba" without a password. You should be able to login using "/ as sysdba" without a password if you have the proper group memberships set up. If you're using OEM, maybe you have a preferred credential stored in the OEM gui and that's doing the login for you.

If you can really type in anything for a password, then you've got a major security issue on your platform and I'd suggest you file a TAR on it. I'm not sure what versions of Windows Oracle currently supports, so you should also verify that your version of XP is supported for your database release.

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