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Can I use Oracle FTP for importing data from Oracle 11g into 10g?

Database Backup and Recovery expert Brian Peasland explains why the Oracle FTP utility cannot be used for importing data from Oracle 11g into 10g.

I've exported data from Oracle 11g and am trying to import it into Oracle 10g (release 2). I don't know how to use the Oracle 'FTP' -- I am getting errors with an import command on Unix. Could you please describe the steps needed to be performed for importing the data using 'FTP'?
First of all, when exporting from a higher version of Oracle to be imported into a lower version of Oracle, always use the lower version's exp and imp utilities for the export and import operations. If you use the 11g export utility, the resulting dump file will contain information the 10g import utility will not understand. In order to ensure you can import correctly, use the lower version export utility to create a good dump file.

The 'FTP' utility is just for transferring files, most commonly from one server to another. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. For information on FTPing files, please refer to this guide on FTP for Beginners.

When FTP'ing dump files, make sure you explicitly use FTP in BINARY mode. You can do this on the command line by typing "bin" and hitting Enter before you use the "put" or "get" command to initiate the transfer.

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