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Can I run Oracle 9i on a Windows 64-bit O/S?

If you want to migrate Oracle 9i to a Windows 64-bit O/S environment, learn in this expert tip why you may want to install Oracle 10g or 11g first.

Our current application is written in Oracle Forms 6i and runs on an Oracle 9i database.  Our long term goal is to migrate both to 11g.  The old server being used is running Windows 2003 (32 bit).  The new server was ordered with Windows 2003 (64 bit) O/S.  Is there any version of 9i database and 6i forms that will run under the Windows 2003 (64 bit) O/S?  If not, what migration steps do you recommend?

Oracle 9i is not certified to run on a 64-bit OS. This does not mean that it will not work, just that if you have problems, you will most likely not be able to receive any help from Oracle Support for your issues. I would recommend installing 10g or 11g on the 64-bit OS and then importing the old 9i database into the newly installed environment.

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