Can I resize the SYSTEM tablespace?

An Oracle user asks if they can resize the SYSTEM tablespace.

My system tablespace was increasing day by day. It has gone up to 8 GB. Then I truncated AUD$ table and disabled auditing because the system tablespace was increasing.

Now my system tablespace is 8 GB and free space is 7 GB dba_free_space. When I try to resize the system tablepspace...

datafile by altering the database datafile resize, I receive the error :ORA 03297 file contains used data beyond resize value. Can you help me to resize the system tablespace? Critical production database is 350 GB.

The SYSTEM tablespace is one of the few that you cannot reclaim space from. A rebuild of the database is required. This is why many move the SYS.AUD$ table to another tablespace before turning on auditing.

To be honest, I wouldn't worry about the extra space. As the saying goes today, "disk is cheap." And your system tablespace is less than 3% of your total database size. I would probably just leave things alone until I had a better reason to rebuild the database.

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