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Can I make my Oracle Processor license central for multiple users?

Learn whether you can make your Oracle Processor license a central system for multiple users and the benefits of the Oracle processor license metric in this expert tip.

Can I swap around my Oracle 9i licenses among a few different Oracle database installations? I have a few office locations, each with an Oracle server containing a single DB. Most are named user license and one is per processor. Can I make my Oracle "per processor" system a "central" test/standby system and have the users from the other locations connect to it if their local system is not working?
There is critical information needed in order to respond to this question with absolute certainty. The deployment rights around your licenses and any limitations that are spelled out in the Terms and Conditions of the ordering document and the governing License and Services Agreement. Assuming there is no limitation to these licenses, you may deploy them spread across as many servers as possible, as long as you are maintaining the greater of actual usage quantities or minimum licensing requirements.

Your second question points out the tremendous benefit of Oracle's Processor licensing metric. When licensing by Processor, you need not be concerned with the user population accessing the programs because it allows for an unlimited user population. Assuming you have adequate quantities of Processor licenses, you certainly could apply those to a central test/standby system. Whether or not that would be the most cost effective method of licensing the environment would require further discovery to determine.

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