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Can I drop a column in SYS schema?

An Oracle user asks if they can drop a column in SYS schema.

I have a question about drop column features. I am not able to drop a column in SYS schema. I can drop a table in the same schema. Is it a feature of SYS schema or is there some other way to drop a column of my own table created in SYS schema?
You should never, never, never drop columns or tables in the SYS schema. The SYS schema is a special schema, containing the Data Dictionary. One should never drop tables or columns for Data Dictionary tables as this can lead to Data Dictionary corruption and a potentially unusable database. And one should never create their own tables in the SYS schema. If you have your own tables in the SYS schema, move them to a new schema. Then you wont have any problems dropping columns.

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