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Calculating database efficiency

How can I calculate database efficiency?

How can I calculate database efficiency?
There are no magic formulas you can use to spit out the efficiency of a database. There are many metrics that can be used to help you determine if one area of the database is performing well or not. I'd start with Statspack (Oracle 8i and 9i) or ADDM (Oracle 10g). You can get reports on many various aspects of the database performance. For example, you can see if increasing your buffer cache will help database performance.

But no matter what you do to the database, none of it makes any difference if your end users are not obtaining the performance they expect. In the end, the only true way to measure database efficiency is to talk to your end users. Are they happy with the database performance? If not, which aspects of the application are performing poorly in their opinion? I can write scripts all day long which give me a number and make a decision on that number on how well the database is performing. But if the end users are not happy, my number and its breaking point do not mean anything.

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