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Calculate the execution of a query -– revisited

I'm writing about your answer to the question, "How does one calculate the execution of a query according to the system configuration?" In your answer you recommended using DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO to set various fields while some application is running. Then you recommended using the read_module procedure in another session to read that info. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how that will work. If you've started another session, then read_module will read the values for that session, not the one you're interested in. The easiest way I know of to get at this information from another session is to query v$session. The real trick is how to identify the correct session in a multi-user environment where there could be multiple users running the same procedure.
You are correct, and thanks for pointing this out. The way to read module information posted by a session is by querying v$session, as you point out. Identifying the session you're interested in monitoring can be easy or difficult, depending on the configuration: if users connect directly from a client workstation, the osuser and machine columns of v$session could be sufficient, for example. In multi-tier architectures, it's a little more difficult, but dbms_application_info.set_client_info could write session-specific data that could then be retrieved from v$session.

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