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CSV file with sentence-like column fails to load

My database is Oracle on AIX.I tried to load the csv format file using SQL*Loader to an Oracle table. That file contains 150,000 records, but 2,000 records failed to load. The error says one column size is not large enough to load, but the reality is that the column size is more than enough to load the rejected records. I tried to load it by erasing some part of the field of rejected records in csv file, and it succeeded. The problematic column data is like a sentence (Example: remarks column). I tried this several times by changing the method, but it failed again and again. So please help me to sort this problem.
The problem with sentence-structured data is that it often contains all of the usual characters we use for record seperators such as commas, spaces, colons, semi-colons. SO what you will need to do is take those 2,000 or so records and change the record separator to be something such as the hyperflex (^) circumflex (~) or even just the standard pipe (|) that way it won't get confused with the normal sentence punctuation marks.

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