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COALESCE and dates

How do you use COALESCE to replace a "null" return, if the datatype for the column is date? Example: I am calling...

back dates of last performance reviews for employees. When the employee has not had a performance review, the return is "null", and I want to substitute something else.

The trick here is to convert the date to character data (using the CAST function) before applying the COALESCE function. Here's an example in Oracle flavored SQL:

create table Invoices
( InvoiceNo numeric(5) primary key,
  InvoiceSent date

insert into Invoices values (10001, '03-DEC-2001');
insert into Invoices values (10002, NULL);
insert into Invoices values (10003, '16-FEB-2002');
insert into Invoices values (10004, '25-JAN-2002');
insert into Invoices values (10005, NULL);

select InvoiceNo "Invoice No", 
       coalesce(cast(InvoiceSent as char(11)),
                '--not sent--') "Invoice Sent"
  from Invoices;

Invoice No Invoice Sent
---------- ------------
     10001 03-DEC-2001
     10002 --not sent--
     10003 16-FEB-2002
     10004 25-JAN-2002
     10005 --not sent--

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