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Building a solid foundation for a DBA career

I was wondering what are the best ways to build a solid foundation for an entry-level database administrator position? What sort of curriculum and requirements should I look for prior to enrolling in collegiate/technical schools for this endeaver? What things make a database administrator successful at their jobs (personality traits, skills, background)? Also, are there very few women in the field? Thank you!

There's a great paper written by Steve Lemme which he delivered at this year's IOUG-A Live Conference on this subject. You can find the paper at: http://www.dbatoolbox.com/WP2002_06/beginners_dba_job_descript.pdf. I think it should address the answers you're seeking.

As far as whether or not there are many women in the Oracle DBA field, I do know that in a recent certification survey, 84% of the respondents were male in the field. Now, that doesn't mean that is the percentage of women in the industry overall, it just means that more men responded to the survey! I think that in general, the field is wide open to qualified and talented individuals regardless of gender.

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