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Building a human resources data warehouse

I'm trying to implement a data warehouse, but I have to study a lot to get more information about it. For that reason, I want to ask you about the real possibilities are to build a DW with the following characteristics: I have a distributed human resource application in 15 companies around the country, and this application uses a MS Access database. Now the central level that groups these companies needs to obtain information about the human resource activity. Is that a reason to build a data warehouse? How can I use those databases to get the necessary information?

Bringing data together for an enterprise is an excellent (and most often driving factor) for implementing a data warehouse. To develop an HR data model that reflects the corporate view of the HR function, spend some time really understanding the business information needs (what questions are the corporate folks needing to get answers to and what metrics and measures do they need to help answer those questions). Build this information into a data model as well (this is your access layer data model). Determine and define the rules for enforcing conformance of data from the 15 locations in order for them to fit into the corporate view. This forms the basis of your transformation from the 15 sources to the corporate view. Map those sources to the Target and implement the software and scheduling to continually pull the information from the sources to your target corporate view.

Of course, this is a simplistic view of the work needed.

You might look into a hosted data warehouse solution as well. This provides a cost effective and expeditious means to implement business intelligence functionality for your company without causing a lot of technology change in your company.

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