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Build Forms 1 vs. Build Internet Applications 1

I have been trained in Oracle Developer Mixed Track, and I had Build Forms 1 and Build Internet Applications II for the 3rd and 4th module. I already took the two exams for SQL and PL/SQL. I wanted to finish the exams for the other two to be certified, but then the track where Build Forms I belongs has already been retired, and so has the exam last July 31. What are the differences between Build Forms 1 and Build Internet Applications I? Are there online resources for a manual on Oracle Forms 6i: Build Internet Applications 1? Thanks!

You can find the exact requirements for the Build Internet Applications I exam at http://www.oracle.com/education/certification/objectives/index.html?131.html. There aren't a lot of differences in the older exam and the newer one except that the newer exam will have questions related to using Forms to generate web forms in addition to client/server forms. Since you've had training for Build Internet Applications II, I'd say you'd be safe in taking the level I exam without too much trouble.

As far as references go, I'd suggest some practice exams as your best bet to feel prepared for what you might see on the actual test. There are several good practice test vendors and you can find more info about a free practice test and Oracle's recommended practice test vendor provider at http://www.oracle.com/education/certification/index.html?sts.html.

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