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Brian's Oracle predictions

What do you see happening in the Oracle market in 2004?
I have a few predictions for 2004 as far as Oracle and database administration goes. In no particular order:

  • Oracle10g: Just like previous major Oracle releases, few production databases will upgrade to 10g in its first year. Many DBAs will wait until most of the bugs have been worked out before trusting 10g to their production environments.
  • Grid computing: Many people will denounce Oracle for not fully delivering on its grid computing initiative with the 10g release. While 10g will take steps in the right direction towards grid computing, it will be some time before fully-featured grid computing is available.
  • Outsourcing: One of the hot topics of the year will continue to be DBA outsourcing, especially to offshore companies. In an effort to cut costs, businesses will try to move their DBA duties to overseas markets.
  • Oracle/PeopleSoft: Oracle's attempted takeover of Peoplesoft will reach a conclusion. Unfortunately for Oracle, its efforts will fail.
  • Oracle vs. Yukon: There will be a flurry of activity once Microsoft finally releases Yukon, the 64-bit version of SQL Server. This will only fuel the database wars. Lost in this drama will be the fact that Oracle has had 64-bit versions of database software available for many years now.

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