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Break down dollars into number of bills

I want to divide the salary according to currence notes just like this:


empno    sal  50$  100$ 500$ 
------   ---- ---- ---- ---- 
  1001   200   0    2    0   
  1002   500   0    2    1      
  1003   950   1    4    1      
  1004   350   1    3    0
Please help me.

Below I've included two separate ways to solve this problem. They use entirely different approaches, but they produce the same results. Of course, either one could be expanded to include smaller bills, even coins. Although they both may be a little tough to follow, close inspection should divulge a pattern for extension.

select empno, salary, 
       trunc(salary/500) as "$500", 
       trunc( ( salary - (trunc(salary/500)*500) ) /100) as "$100",
       trunc( ( salary - (trunc(salary/500)*500) ? 
                trunc( ( salary - (trunc(salary/500)*500) ) /100)*100 ) /50) as "$50"
  from emp

select empno, salary, 
       fivehun as "$500", 
       onehun as "$100", 
       trunc(whatsleft/50) as "$50"
  from ( select empno, salary, 
                trunc(whatsleft/100) as onehun, 
                whatsleft-(trunc(whatsleft/100)*100) as whatsleft
           from ( select empno, salary, 
                         trunc(salary/500) as fivehun, 
                         salary-(trunc(salary/500)*500) as whatsleft 
                    from emp

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This was last published in October 2002

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