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Book recommendations for Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition

I am a beginer of Oracle and want to know where to find good books on Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition.

I always like to suggest that people read the Oracle documentation. I agree that is it not an easy read, but you will find all of the information that you need there. But you might have to dig a little to get it. You can access the Oracle docs by signing up for a free Technet (http://technet.oracle.com) account. The best documentation to start with is the Oracle 8i Concepts Guide and the Oracle 8i Administrator's Guide.

Unfortunately, the Oracle docs aren't the easiest things to read. This is why there are so many good books on the market. Oracle even has a publishing company called Oracle Press. Here are some suggestions on some good, entry level books:

For learning SQL:

  • Oracle 8i, The Complete Reference by Koch & Loney on Oracle Press.
For learning basic Database Administration:
  • Oracle 8i DBA Handbook by Loney on Oracle Press
For learning how to develop Oracle applications:
  • Expert One-on-one Oracle by Tom Kyte on Wrox Press
That should be enough to give you a good start!

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