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Best operating system for 10g RAC

From a technical standpoint, what is the best OS for 10g Oracle RAC?

Our company is looking to implement 10g RAC for the first time. We primairly use Solaris 9 with Veritas Cluster Service as our Oracle platform, though we have a few Oracle databases on Linux. We want to take this opportunity to improve every aspect of our Oracle environment. From a technical standpoint, what is the best OS for 10g Oracle RAC?
There is no general right or wrong answer to this. The best O/S depends on factors that are exclusive to your own shop and only you can answer. When you consider cost, size of your databases and most importantly in-house knowledge and experience, two different shops may arrive at two different answers.

Let's just say that neither is a poor choice in my opinion based solely on any technical superiority exclusive to the way they support a RAC architecture.

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