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Benefits of Data Pump in 10g

Could you discuss some of the benefits that 10g Data Pump can provide in the area of backup and recovery?

Could you discuss some of the benefits that 10g Data Pump can provide in the area of backup and recovery? Thanks.
Oracle 10g's new Data Pump utilities are major upgrades to the old export and import utilities. However, when backing up your database, the Data Pump utilities do the same job. Data Pump and exp/imp utilities can only create a "logical" backup of your database. When you restore from a logical backup, you can only recreate the objects. Technically, they are not the same objects as they have different object id numbers (as found in SYS.OBJ$). This means you will not be able to roll forward any changes to those objects since the backup was taken.

I do not like to use logical backups for my main backup and recovery methodology. However, logical backups are useful for alternative recovery techiques. When someone accidentally drops a table, restoring the table from a dump file could be easier than performing a point-in-time restore from your physical backups. Oracle 9i made this a moot point with the ability to recover a dropped table with the FLASHBACK TABLE command. And Oracle 10g has made many more capabilities available with its variety of Flashback options.

In Oracle 10g, I do not see a need for logical backups, with one exception. If you might need to restore your data to a different platform, then a logical backup can help you out. For instance, you might be running your database on a high-end Unix server. Your company might have a disaster plan in place where the databases would run in a separate facility, possibly in a different city, in the event of a catastrophic failure which makes your current location unusable. To save money on this contigency plan, your company may have purchased a cheaper Linux server. In this case, it might be a good idea to create a logical backup and ship it off to your disaster recovery site. Outside of that special case, I prefer to use RMAN for all of my backup and recovery needs.

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