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Backup and recovery on Standard Edition

I am using Oracle Standard Edition Version 9.2 in my production environment. Now I would like to know about backup & recovery processes. Currently I'm doing an export/import of needed table space. I know export/import is not good for the production environment as it will take more time to restore data at the time of a crash. Is basic replication possible in Standard Edition? I can purchase one more Standard Edition license.

Oracle's Advanced Replication services requires Enterprise Edition. And Replication is probably overkill for a backup/recovery solution. I would highly recommend that you implement RMAN (Recovery Manager) for your backup and recovery needs. The Oracle documentation has plenty of details. The best part is you have already paid for RMAN! It comes with the database. If you need additional information, then I'd suggest Oracle Backup & Recovery by Velpuri & Adkoli on Oracle Press or Oracle RMAN Backup & Recovery by Freeman on Oracle Press.

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