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Backup and recoveries of Oracle RAC 10gR2

An Oracle user asks expert Brian Peasland a few questions about taking a backup and recovery for RAC 10gR2.

I have a few questions re: backup and recoveries for RAC 10gR2 on both 64 bit Linux and AIX non RMAN and non ASM.

1) Can you use "regular" OS backup scripts to perform a hot backup in a RAC environment?

2) Are the redo logs (both sets) required for such a hot backup?

3) What are all the additional files that need to be captured for such scripts?(i.e. ocr_registry, vote_disk, etc..) ?

1) If you put the tablespaces in BACKUP mode (ALTER TABLESPACE ts BEGIN BACKUP) then you can copy the files with any OS utilities. If you do not have the tablespace in backup mode, then you may have an inconsistent backup.

2) Many people say to not backup the online redo logs as you won't need them if you lose them. However, I have always backed up my online redo logs for two reasons. One, it makes my backups much easier. Two, I'd rather have a copy of everything than to be missing something I find out later I really need. I'm not sure when reason Two would come into play, but I sleep better at night knowing I have copied everything.

3) Backup your password file, your parameter file, and your Oracle home directories. You will also need to backup your OCR and voting disk contents. For the voting disk backup, you will want to use the 'dd' command. The OCR is automatically backed up, but I backup its backups in case I lose the disk containing the backups.

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