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Backing up tablespace without exp80 and imp80

Find out what datafiles you need with these queries before backing up with exp and imp.

I was just shifted to the DBA section of my company, and I am new to Oracle. I want to take a database backup of my tablespace (tms_tbs) which has one user. The exp80 and imp80 utilities are not available. I want to take a backup of my data and user. Can I reinstall Oracle and restore all my backups? How I can do it in Enterprise Manager?

If exp80 and imp80 are not available, are exp and imp available? Many years ago on the Windows platforms, Oracle's utilities had a version number in the utility name. The exp80 utility was the export utility for verions 8.0. If you are running a newer version (8i or higher), the utility names in Oracle dropped the version number from the name. You should have export/import utilities in your %ORACLE_HOME%bin directory. You can take a full export as a backup of your database in this case. You can also perform an export using Oracle's Enterprise Manager.

The easiest way to back up your system is to first find out the datafiles you need. Issue the following queries:

select file_name from dba_data_files;
select name from v$controlfile;
select member from v$logfile;
Now shut down your database with SHUTDOWN NORMAL or SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE. Use OS commands to copy all of the files returned from the above queries. Finally, make sure to copy your parameter file and password file (if applicable).

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