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Avoiding Oracle errors

How can I avoid the errors ORA-01501, ORA-00200, ORA-00202, ORA-27038 and OSD-04010?

How can I avoid the errors ORA-01501, ORA-00200, ORA-00202, ORA-27038 and OSD-04010?
Any time you have error messages, it is very important to include all of the message text as well as the number. This not only saves me the time of having to look up the error message, but a proper diagnosis might not be able to be made without some of the variable components of the message. Here are the errors you are getting:
01501, 00000, "CREATE DATABASE failed"
// *Cause:  An error occurred during create database
// *Action: See accompanying errors.
00200, 00000, "controlfile could not be created"
// *Cause:  It was not possible to create the controlfile.
// *Action: Check that there is sufficient disk space and no conflicts in
//          filenames and try to create the controlfile again.
00202, 00000, "controlfile: '%s'"
// *Cause:  This message reports the name file involved in other messages.
// *Action: See associated error messages for a description of the problem.
27038, 00000, "skgfrcre: file exists"
// *Cause:  trying to create a database file, but file by that name already
//          exists
// *Action: verify that name is correct, specify reuse if necessary
From the error messages, it is clear that you are trying to create your database. The ORA-200 error message indicates that the control file could not be created. ORA-27038 indicates the reason the control file could not be created: because a file with that name already exists. If you had removed a database and are recreating it, you will have to manually delete the control files. If the file belongs to another database, then you do not want to overwrite this control file. Which control file cannot be created? Notice the ORA-202 message contains a variable component, "%s", which is a string variable representing the control file name.

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