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Automatically notifying C++ application of database table updates

I have a C++ application that interacts with an Oracle database. I want my application to be notified if any changes occur in a table (value changes for a field). So, I thought about triggers. But, the question is how do I transfer these value changes from the Oracle database to my application?

A database trigger won't automatically contact your application for you. But there are some ways to work around the problem. You could have a trigger that would populate a table with some relevant information. This new table could even contain a time stamp of the action that caused the table to be populated. You could then have your application poll this table looking for new changes to process.

The other way to work around this is to use a trigger to populate Oracle's Advanced Queueing tables, or message queues. The trigger could leave a message in the queue. Your application could periodically check for new messages and act accordingly.

The first solution is the easiest. The second solution is the most elegant, but takes the most time to implement.

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