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Automatically discovering Linux nodes

I have a Linux RedHat Server with Oracle Standard Edition on it and a database with sid = afex. I have started the intelligent agent on it and also started the listener. I have also got a Oracle EE runnning on a Windows machine, on which I have configured the OMS and I log on to the OMS on this machine and I get the local node but not the Linux machine node (the host name of which is dbsrv). What I am doing is I go to the nodes and use discover nodes and give the name dbsrv to let OMs discover the node (there I mean the dbsrv Linux server with Oracle database 'afex'). Please help me since I need to use the OEM to completely administer and submit jobs, etc., and to make full use of the Oracle utilities.
I've never had the greatest of success getting Oracle Enterprise Manager to automatically discover nodes for me. So when it doesn't work, I manually define the node. Fire up OEM again. Let OEM run through the discovery process again. When it doesn't discover the database, it will let you manually define the database. Fill in the information such as hostname, db SID, port and the node will be accessible through OEM.

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