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Are we following the right backup procedure?

We have an Oracle 8i database on IBM AIX 4.3 of size 25 GB running in archive mode. We take an export dump every day, and take the export dump file to tape (DDS3 tape using 'tar'). I have two questions:

  1. Are we following the right backup procedure? Can you suggest anything we are missing or need to do? Do we need to backup redologs and control files also?
  2. Now, we would like to install IBM's Tivoli storage management software. What way do you think this would improve our backup/restore process? Or, do you suggest to continue our present process i.e. point # 1 above?

If you are using the export utility as your only backup tool, then running in Archive mode doesn't make much sense. To recovery, you must use the import utility. And you can't roll forward to a point in time, so your archived redo logs won't help you any. Using export is called a logical backup.

It is much better to take a physical backup. With this type of backup, you would use some sort of OS command (or Oracle's RMAN product) to make a backup of your database's datafiles. Then, you can use your archived redo logs to roll forward to a point in time later than your backup.

For more information on the differences between physical and logical backups, please look at the Oracle 9i Backup & Recovery Guide, or Oracle Backup & Recovery Handbook by Velpuri & Adkoli on Oracle Press.

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