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Are double-duty DBAs diminishing the job market?

This feedback is regarding your response "What's the future for Oracle DBAs?" If one DBA can do what two DBAs used to do, doesn't that cut the market for DBAs in half?
All things being equal, if a DBA can be twice as productive, then it does mean that half the DBAs will be needed. However, all things are not equal.

The first point I'd like to make is that it is rare for a system to be put into production and then later removed without a replacement. In most shops, the number of Oracle databases grows. A company that had 10 or 20 Oracle databases last year will have to or 30 this year. With newer tools that let the DBAs become more productive, this means that the company does not have to hire a new DBA just because they doubled the number of databases they now use.

And this leads me into the second point. In times when the economy is sluggish or has a downturn, companies are looking to do more with less. That means that companies will add more work without adding more resources (i.e. employees). In cases where more work is not added, this also means that companies will drop employees and some DBAs will be without a job. We've seen this happen here in the U.S. and some DBAs are having a hard time finding employment. But in those cases where a company drops a DBA due to financial constraints, the company is not thinking about the tools that let the DBAs be more productive. Instead, the drop a DBA and for her work on the remaining DBAs. The tools to be more productive do not necessarily appear when they decide to drop a DBA from their payroll.

I don't necessarily agree with the point that if DBAs are twice as productive, then only half the jobs are needed. But I don't necessarily disagree either. There are many factors at play here.

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