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Applying a patch

I want to apply patch to an Oracle database. In the README it says after applying the patch in the POST patch tasks:

You can ignore this step if you have already executed it as part of a previous 8.1.7 patch set install. If Java has previously been loaded into the database, invoke SQL*Plus (sqlplus), connect as internal and run the following SQL DDL command(* Note:If Java has not previously been loaded into the database, skip this step):

  SQL> create or replace java system
        2    /

Note that the / (slash) is important to ensure the execution of the command). To ensure the correct installation of the XDK in the database run the following 2 scripts (Bug 2115227):


* To determine whether Java has previously been loaded into the database: invoke SQL*Plus (sqlplus), connect as internal and run the following:

   SQL> select count(*) from all_objects where object_type like 'JAVA%'; 

Java is installed if you get a non zero result returned from the query. QUESTION: The read me tells me how to check if there are Java objects but how can I check whether this step was already executed for Java when the patch was applied? (If the patch was obviously applied by someone else.)
There is no way to query the database to see if this step was already performed. If in doubt, perform the step again. You can run this step over and over again without any problems.

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