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Application data is unreadable

I have an application developed on Oracle. This application uses Arabic language in my forms and data tables and worked good except for one error: It only displays the data in error code and users can't read the data correctly...
Check whether your database, applications and operating system are using compatible charactersets. Predicting the results when when storing an 8 bit characterset in a 7-bit database is virtually impossible. The characterset defined in NLS_LANG parameter does not change the client's characterset, it lets Oracle know what you are using on the client side so Oracle can do the conversion. There are both 7-bit and 8-bit Arabic encoding schemes.

Check out the following notes in Oracle Metalink: Note: 70117.1 - Create A Translation Using Translation Builder (Only applicable for AR8MSWIN1256 Character Set)
Note: 158577.1 – NLS_Lang explained.
Note: 226692.1 – Finding out your NLS setup
Note: 241048.1 – The priority of NLS parameters explained
Note: 225912.1 – Changing the Database Character Set - an Overview
Note: 66320.1 – Changing the database characterset or the Database national character set
Note: 13854.1 - Dump SQL command for NLS debugging

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