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Any way to edit a BLOB?

Is there a way to "edit" a BLOB or export it in an editable format (i.e., JPEG or GIF)? Specifically, I need to rotate an image that was not stored correctly so that it will display properly. The original image file no longer exists.
There is no way to edit a BLOB in SQL*Plus aside from using the DBMS_LOB package. Unfortunately, there is no way to rotate an image with this package. You'll have to pull the image out of the database, store it on disk somewhere, and then use an image processing program to perform the rotation before saving the image back to the database table. How do you pull the image out of the database? The answer all depends on your application platform. Each one is different. This document will give you information for a number of application development platforms.
This was last published in October 2003

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