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Any table number limitations?

I've got a situation here with a possible solution using thousands of tables, each with potentially millions of rows. I'm wondering if Oracle has a limit to the number of tables it allows and whether having such a huge number of tables would effect the performance of the database.
I've worked with databases that had thousands of tables, and many having millions of rows. The existence of this large number of tables, by itself, does not cause performance problems. And the existence of that many rows of data, by itself, does not cause performance problems. What will contribute to any performance problems are the queries sent by the application to the database. Make sure that the queries are tuned for optimal execution. Additionally, make sure that you are not introducing resource contention, specifically placing tables that are highly active all on the same physical disk volume.

Oracle can handle your requirements, but it isn't a black box to just dump the data into and expect it to work flawlessly in all situation. You may have to tune your application to work with the performance you expect.

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