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Advice needed regarding Oracle Forms

Could you please tell me what is the difference between Oracle Developer 2000 1.2 and Developer 2000 6i? Is there a way to compile? If I am running the FORM Builder Compiler, do I have to try to open the Compiler in Developer 2000 6i? Can I open an old form through it and compile it? The data I am dealing with resides in an Oracle 9i database and a part of it is in Oracle 6 and 7.3 -- altogether it resides on a Unix box.
I will attempt to break the questions down and answer individually.

Developer 2000 1.2, as all Developer releases, consists of a suite of products used in developing client applications to run against and Oracle database backend. This particular version consists of, among other things:

Forms 4.5
Reports 2.5
Graphics 2.4
Procedure Builder 1.5
Database Tables 1.5

As the suite evolved with new releases it became Developer 6i (dropped the 2000 designation), where all the components were renumbered 6.X.

Yes, there is a way to compile. From the above questions, I assume that you currently have forms built in Forms 4.5. If you simply want to recompile the form to work with Developer 6i, you have to recompile with the 6i compiler, ifcmp60, from the command line.

The syntax is:

ifcmp60 module=myform userid=scott/tiger

Myform will be the .fmb file that you wish to recompile. This will generate an .fmx file, which can be run with the utility, ifrun60.

If you want to make changes to the form, you must load the .fmb file into the GUI tool where you can make the changes, save a new .fmb and also compile into the .fmx executable form file. The GUI tool will read the Forms 4.5 .fmb file without any problems.

Running the forms should not be a problem. I haven't dealt with Oracle 6 or 7.3 in quite a while but if there is a SQL*NET connection to the databases, the forms should work.

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