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Advice for a beginner

How can I become a DBA on Oracle database? Any guidelines where should I start? What are the key area should I concentrate on as a beginner?

It is pretty tought becoming a DBA in today's marketplace. The fall of the dotcoms has put a lot of IT workers into the job hunt. It is getting better here in the US for IT workers, but job prospects are not as rosy for beginning DBAs like they were when the dotcom explosion took off. But I hope that doesn't deter you if you seriously wish to become a DBA.

The best advice I can give one looking to become a DBA is to try to leverage your existing skill set. For instance, if you have experience as a developer, see if you can get a job with a company that will let you work part time as a developer and part time as a DBA. That way, you trade your existing experience for the chance at learning something new.

Outside of that, learn as much as you can about being an Oracle DBA. Install Oracle on a machine at home so that you can break it and fix it. Play around a lot with the product! Try to find a mentor who will help you elevate your skills.

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