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Advantages of using RMAN in a 24x7 environment

Why use RMAN for hot backups in a 24x7 environment?

What is the main advantage of using RMAN in a 24x7 operating system?
RMAN can be used in a 24x7 environment to perform hot backups. But hot backups were possible long before RMAN. So why use RMAN to perform hot backups? There are a couple of main reasons. If you are not using RMAN for your hot backups, you have to place tablespaces in BACKUP mode before you can begin to make a backup of that tablespace's datafiles. When you place a tablespace in BACKUP mode, all changes that occur to the tablespace are logged differently in the online redo logs than under normal operating conditions. This can cause an increase in the volume of information written to the online redo logs. RMAN does not have this same issue to deal with. RMAN performing a hot backup does not cause an increase in online redo log volume during the backup process.

RMAN can also help with incremental backups. The old backup scripts in use cannot perform incremental backups. This can save considerable time in your backup window.

There are many other advantages to RMAN as well. I would recommend reading a book titled "Oracle9i RMAN backup & recovery" by Robert Freeman on Oracle Press as well as the Oracle documentation.

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