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Administering Oracle on Linux

I want to do perform Oracle tasks in a Linux environment. How can I proceed?
A large majority (95% or more) of your administration tasks do not matter if you are running Oracle on Linux, Unix, Windows, or any other platform that Oracle runs on. Of the rest, about 3% of the remaining administration tasks fall under the category of file manipulation, so learn how to copy and move files (cp and mv command respectively), make and delete directories (mkdir and rmdir) and remove files (rm) and change directories (cd). The remanining 2% is specific to the Linux environment. Most of this information can be found in the Installation Guide for Linux. So please read your Oracle documentation. And as this remaining 2% can take along time to talk about, I am going to recommend a new book, titled, "Oracle Database 10g Linux Administration" by Coekaerts on Oracle Press. I would recommend purchasing this book to learn more about administering Oracle on Linux.

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