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Accessing the Oracle 9i database

I am trying to access the database of Oracle 9i installed on a Unix server True64. I installed DBA studio on my computer and I added in the database tree -- the database that I want to access is OK. When I enter the user name and password to connect with the database,an error, "Ora 12541 :NO LISTENER" appears. I checked the listener.ora and it's OK.
Sounds like what you added to your local configuration and your real destination don't match. From your PC, I'd go to a command prompt (because that's how I am) and use Oracle's tnsping utility to "tnsping " and see where the alias tries to contact.

If your Tru64 system is part of a cluster, then your listener may be listening on a floating IP address. If that's the case, then check your listener.ora file on the server and make sure that the ADDRESS part of the listener.ora is the same as the ADDRESS part in your tnsnames.ora on your PC.

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