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Accessing authorized, single Oracle user

Is it possible that a single Oracle user should be bound by a given TNS?

Just like: sqlplus scott/tiger@ONLYSCOTTALLOWED...

... no other users used this ONLYSCOTTALLOWED db connection.

If it is possible, then please give me a solution or alternate method to resolve this problem.

I am developing Web applications and want to access the only authorized Oracle single user.
The best method would be to ensure you control access to DB objects through grants to the objects that will be accessible through your web-application. You can have a role that has necessary select, delete, update, execute, etc. privileges on the objects owned by the schema and assign the role to the web user.

Please note certain default users get created in addition to SYS and SYSTEM and on many instances those users default passwords are never changed. (i.e. CTXSYS). Please ensure that the DBA users' passwords are not default passwords; in addition you may want to alter the passwords of default user like CTXSYS. And if you are absolutely adamant about a single schema user (if you web application connect to the database using this connect string through DB Properties file), revoke the create session privilege of other users that you will not need. However, please make sure you do not do so for SYS or SYSTEM J. I do not know whether you can though.

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